There ought to be an Uber-like app for trip-packing. Like, some nearby stranger shows up at your house to pack your suitcase, based on the number of days you'll be away and your destination.

In no particular order, here's why I hate packing for trips:

    Every suitcase in the house is broken -- a discovery made the night before;

      I'll forget something vital, such as an article of formal clothing (shoes), or the wrapped present, or my memory-aid medication (ironic, no?);

        While I'll forget something essential, I'll bring something that I don't need, such as an 8" kitchen knife (true story);

          Finding clothing that's both clean and that fits my seemingly randomized waist size is an existential challenge; and

            I hate packing work to bring along on weekend, family-focused trips, but I always do -- and then, of course, I never even look at the contents of my work bag until I'm back home again, unpacking it.